With operation and backup in safe hands, Eigenbrodt’s IT staff can focus on their own expertise. “Having one and the same supplier has meant a lot,” says Staffan Lönn.

“It’s nice to not have to think about where to turn in the event of a disturbance. Having that security is the most important benefit for us.”

Staffan Lönn is Purchasing & Logistics Manager at the industrial company, Eigenbrodt. After operating their own IBM Power System since 1999, they decided a few years ago to let LOAD, in whom they already had great confidence, run the entire operation.

“Before, we weren’t sure who to talk to if something wasn’t working as it should. Was it the hardware or software supplier, or some retail supplier? We no longer have that problem.”

Stability and availability required

It is important for Eigenbrodt that the operation works with a high degree of stability and availability. They run a support system that optimizes the company’s purchases on Power. The collaboration works well and without problems, according to Staffan Lönn.

“Whenever we have contact with the people at LOAD, they are knowledgeable, pleasant, fast and responsive.” 

For Eigenbrodt, it has meant a lot that their IT staff can devote themselves to the core business instead of operating and maintaining their Power server. They also appreciate having one and the same supplier to take care of all issues related to operation and maintenance.

Secure backups and restore tests

In addition to having a stable and safe operation, Eigenbrodt also gets help from LOAD with regular, secure backups to a secondary data center that is separate from the daily production environment. On a daily basis, LOAD’s staff checks that the backups take place as they should according to the agreed schedule. They also perform restore tests and are ready to help with data recovery should the need arise.

About Eigenbrodt

Eigenbrodt belongs to the Axel Johnson Group and delivers high-quality industrial components, service and know-how to large parts of the Nordic manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 1920. Their guiding principle is to safeguard valuable relationships with customers and partners that have been built up over the years. Eigenbrodt has offices and warehouses in Upplands Väsby and Åhus.


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