With over 30,000 items, Procurator’s online store is the company’s primary sales channel, so any downtime can have serious consequences.

Procurator is one of Sweden’s leading wholesale companies, providing businesses and the public sector with a wide range of personal protective equipment, and hygiene and office products like paper towels, cleaning, serving and packaging supplies.


A common business system for Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden handles all orders. A possible shutdown with data loss as a result would, in the worst case, mean that a whole day’s worth of orders and invoicing would be lost.

This was what they required:

  • Minimize downtime in the online store
  • Minimize data loss in the business system
  • Guarantee support and monitoring around the clock, all year round
  • Secure information availability without spending less time on application management / development

Collaboration and results

LOAD has developed several dynamic solutions to meet Procurator’s needs.

  • By hiring monitoring, operation and support from LOAD, Procurator has access to the right expertise during weekdays as well as holidays, evenings and weekends. Procurator only pays for the consulting services as needed.
  • A tailor-made, journal-based backup solution means that every transaction can be tracked in milliseconds after a disruption.
  • LOAD takes responsibility for the entire backup solution. For increased security, the equipment is available both at Procurator and LOAD’s premises. With the new backup solution, Procurator only needs to pay for the number of gigabytes used in the storage space each month.

Together with LOAD, Procurator has reduced its IT costs and at the same time increased its IT security. With almost 100% availability and constant access to cutting-edge expertise, Procurator can continue to develop its successful e-commerce business.

Procurator about the cooperation:

“LOAD takes overall responsibility for backing up our heterogeneous IT environment. Their expertise, combined with the fact that we buy backup as a service, has a number of important benefits for our business and IT unit.

“The collaboration gives us significantly greater data protection for our most important applications as well as better service to the business as the production loss is minimal in the event of an extensive operational disruption.

“We feel confident that backups are always run and monitored, and that backup data is copied ‘out of house’. Not having to have backup competence internally has freed up resources for our business-related IT.”

– Christoffer Ekelund, CIO at Procurator.

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Claudia Isaza