Water is our most important resource. Constant control, supervision, testing and communication are therefore required to ensure quality and distribution. We help VA SYD to ensure the basic municipal functions of the water supply system and waste management for more than 500,000 people.

VA SYD is a regional VA organization that primarily operates in southwestern Skåne. The business consists of three main areas: to supply fresh drinking water, clean wastewater, and take care of household waste.


As control systems are indispensable for VA SYD, any downtime can have serious consequences for people’s health, and cause floods or material damage.

VA SYD’s biggest challenge is to guarantee one hundred percent availability for the most critical control and quality systems, such as:

  • Control system for the distribution of drinking water
  • Telephony system for reporting leaks
  • Map system for locating and fixing leaks
  • Lab system for analyzing water samples
  • Website to provide current information to residents

Collaboration and the result:

LOAD was entrusted with conducting a feasibility study focused on increasing the availability for VA SYD’s most critical systems and securing 100% availability for important information. In order to realize the business’s requirements for availability, clear objectives for downtime and data loss were defined.

The analysis work resulted in infrastructure specifications and a continued collaboration where LOAD is responsible for the infrastructure’s implementation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Today, VA SYD today has a solution that guarantees one hundred percent availability.


  • 1 hour of recovery time in the event of an accident (RTO)
  • 5-minute crash recovery point (RPO)

The result:

  • 0-3 minutes of recovery time in the event of an accident (RTO)
  • Maximum of 10 minutes’ data loss in the event of an accident (RPO)

VA SYD on the collaboration:

“The collaboration with LOAD means that our organization can ensure some of the most basic societal functions, such as water supply and waste management. With the help of LOAD, we succeeded in finding and implementing an IT infrastructure that corresponds to the specific needs of our business. VA SYD’s confidence in LOAD as a partner is very high.”

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Claudia Isaza