We have solid experience in the infrastructure and operation for SAP business systems for large customers such as Axfood and Bergendahls. Requirements are often extremely high and downtime simply cannot occur. How we helped Bergendahls.

Media & entertainment

In media production, extensive amounts of audio and film are handled that need to be stored in many different versions. We ensure storage, availability and operation for large media customers who broadcast content live.

Public sector

Control systems for basic societal functions are business-critical. Our solution guarantees one hundred percent availability for VA SYD so that 500,000 inhabitants get fresh water in their taps around the clock. What we did for VA SYD.

Manufacturing industry

We deliver server solutions for many manufacturing customers' business systems. It is crucial that every aspect of their logistics flow works seamlessly. How we safeguarded SECOs global delivery promise.

Banking & finance

In systems that handle tens of thousands of financial transactions per second, the security requirements are extremely high. We create an automated overview and analysis, real-time alarms that prevent interruptions and access to cutting-edge expertise 24/7.

Life Sciences & Pharma

At the MAX IV laboratory, experiments are being carried out that can solve major societal problems in medicine, biotechnology and the environment. Downtime can nullify years of research. Total availability and extreme performance was an absolute requirement. How we solved it.