Relax knowing you have round-the-clock security, control and excellence

Buying backup as a service enables you to secure the need for backup with a solution that increases security and reduces costs. Initially, you save your data both locally and with us. This makes it easier to do a restore when necessary.

1. Increased security – easy restore

You get a backup server and disk on site with you, so you can save up to 100TB of data locally for as long as you want (30, 60 days or longer). This means that you can do a restore faster if necessary. At the same time, redundancy increases by replicating the backup to LOAD’s data center so that the data is in geographically separated redundant data centers. Data in excess of 100TB, or data that is saved longer, is stored with us at LOAD where it is mirrored in two places. With us, you get an ISO270001-certified solution with audited and documented data security.

2. Control and knowledge around the clock

As a Backup as a Service customer, you’ll get constant access to the best and latest expertise through our knowledgeable backup experts. We deliver reports and statistics on performance 24/7.

3. A proven, dependable solution

Our backup solution from IBM is proven and tested with very strong references and has been named one of the market’s leading backup solutions by Gartner for many years in a row. In addition, you’ll get access to an Enterprise platform that was previously only available to very large organizations.

4. Both data and price are compressed x 7

You’ll get access to the latest technology in deduplication and compression. It reduces the amount of data and thus also reduces what you pay for. The average degree of deduplication is 7 times, which lowers both the storage space for your data and the price you pay to store it by 7 times.

5. Resource efficient from day 1

You’ll only pay for what you use, and have complete flexibility to address your actual needs. Scale up or down as it suits your business. This reduces your need for planning, thereby also relieving your organization administratively.

With Backup as a Service, you don’t have to worry that an important IT process is not getting the supervision or ongoing oversight it requires. You’ll get a safe and cost-effective solution and always have access to the latest cutting-edge expertise when you need it.

Let us ensure that your business-critical IT performs, and is secure, around the clock. Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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