Faster from idea to market: OpenShift.

Most organizations have realized that they need to work much faster. Agile work processes and methods like DevOps are gaining ground. But changing course can take time.

The application landscape is much more complex than anyone expected, and the cloud is not just one cloud but several: private, public and hybrid. Many companies lack either the required resources or knowledge – or both.

Start with what you have

We want to help you get through bottlenecks and problems. We are happy to build a container environment on your existing hardware for both computing and storage. We’ll use the storage solution you already have, and make sure it works with Red Hat’s acclaimed OpenShift platform. That way, you can change one small step at a time.


Minor changes – faster deployment

We’ll get you up and running quickly, so you can release new features to your customers. All while providing you with a stable infrastructure and high availability. If you wish to scale up later, you can expand into a cloud service, either through our managed service or using public cloud services. We’ll start where your business is today, and help you along the way.

One complete solution

By choosing OpenShift, which we deliver in partnership with Red Hat, you’ll get a complete solution that works right from the start. All software is based on open source and can be installed both on hardware and in different types of clouds: public, private and hybrid. OpenShift is the admin-friendly Kubernetes-based platform that makes it easy to get started with container technology.

Infrastructure and software

We’ll help you install all the infrastructure in your data center for the highest possible availability and stability. We’ll install the OpenShift software and adapt it to your business so that your developers can get started. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, we have knowledgeable consultants who can help you with a thorough feasibility study. And you will always have us to turn to for questions and support. Stability and a long-term perspective are part of our DNA.

Monitoring and support

We can also take care of monitoring and management, either through remote monitoring of your hardware or through a managed service solution in the cloud. We take care of health checks, evaluation and improvement. And, of course, you have access to our support.

Want to know more about how this can work in your organization? Get in touch, and we will tell you more about the questions we ask in our feasibility study.

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