The best parts of the Power server platform, but none of the hassle.

The stability and reliability of IBM’s Power Systems server platform are hard to beat. But purchasing and maintaining your own hardware is expensive and takes the focus away from your core business. Let the experts handle Power. It’s resource-efficient.

Our Power Cloud service frees up your organization and your employees to put more time into your core business. You’ll avoid expensive recurring investments in hardware, but still get access to the largest and best machines with associated software. And, perhaps most important of all: you’ll always have access to the latest cutting-edge expertise when you need it.

  • A flexible solution without expensive investments in hardware.
  • The benefits of economy of scale with the largest and best machines.
  • Access to the highest competence available.

Common problems

  • Demand for around-the-clock competence and support creates bottlenecks.
  • Changes within an organization and in the greater business environment require new investments.
  • New recruits are limited by requirements that they have knowledge of existing systems.

Only get what you need

LOAD’s Power Cloud contains several parts. The first is called Capacity. Instead of buying a machine that is slightly too large and therefore not fully utilized, only pay for what you actually use. Then you can add other parts, to meet the exact specifications of your business in terms of High Availability, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Security.

If outsourcing your entire operation off-site feels like a big step, we have two entry-level services that you can start with: Disaster Recovery and Remote Power Monitoring.

Disaster Recovery – a secure plan for restarting

How long can you last without your mission-critical systems? Whether the answer is a minute, an hour, a day – or never, your disaster recovery plan should be adjusted accordingly. Our Disaster Recovery service constantly mirrors your Power server in real time. In this way, you’ll minimize downtime and the risk of losing revenue.

Relax with remote monitoring

Let us monitor your systems remotely with: Remote Power Monitoring. The installation is simple and we can quickly start monitoring as many systems as you desire. The hardware can stay with you, and you will be alerted if anything should happen. Feel free to read about how we helped Seco quickly safeguard their global delivery promise.

Forget being a jack of all trades

By relieving your business of the management of Power Systems, either in part or entirely, your employees no longer have to be masters of everything, and can focus on your core business. We’ll make sure that your mission-critical IT performs and is secure, around the clock.

Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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