Storage that matches your needs. In your own cloud.

No matter what situation you are in, at one time or another, you’ve probably felt that you haven’t had enough time to do the storage job well enough. But without data, the business stops.

Storage is not as easy as it sounds. We take it for granted that all the information and data spinning around in an organization is handled efficiently and securely. But what would a modern company be without its data in this day and age? The answer is: nothing at all.

The amount of data and information is increasing everywhere, all of the time. This places high demands on your choice of storage solution.

7 storage problems many struggle with

  • It is difficult to predict future storage needs.
  • This, in turn, makes it difficult to budget.
  • When capacity or performance needs to change, you are always one step behind.
  • Managing and administering storage is resource-intensive.
  • Most organizations do not have in-house storage expertise.
  • As a result, companies either buy too little and hit their ceiling, or they buy too much and end up paying for unused resources.
  • Many companies therefore get stuck with less-than-optimal solutions.

In addition to all this, organizations need to change storage platforms from time to time. And it is a big, resource-intensive job to migrate all corporate data in a secure way, without the business suffering from interruptions and incidents.

Even clouds cast a shadow

A cloud storage solution addresses several of these issues. But it might not solve all your storage needs. Not all organizations can have or even want their data in public clouds, for security reasons, or due to the restrictions of laws and regulations.

For some applications, proximity to storage is crucial for optimal performance. In which case, cloud storage is simply not an option, and you will need to keep your storage local.

Relax with Private Cloud Storage

That is why we have created the Private Cloud Storage service. It gives you the benefits of the cloud: a scalable and flexible solution where we take care of administration and the monitoring of capacity and performance.

You have constant access to knowledgeable expertise and do not have to plan and budget for extensions.

In addition, all data is stored on site, at your premises.

Resource efficient from day 1

With the latest technology for compression and deduplication, we’ll reduce the amount of data in storage, and along with it the cost of storage. IBM, which supplies the underlying technology, guarantees 2: 1.

This means that you get resource efficiency from day 1. You also only pay for what you use.

  • No hardware costs.
  • No licensing costs.
  • Straight cost model – only pay for used capacity, GB/month.
  • No risk of “hitting the ceiling” in this solution.
  • We handle upgrades and possible migration.

You do not need to invest in capacity for potential peaks or future growth. Instead, you get complete flexibility to match your needs. At the same time, the demands on you to administer and plan for capacity and its costs are reduced.

The latest Flash technology from IBM

Private Cloud Storage builds on IBM’s smart and powerful Flash technology with superior performance. It is fast, reliable and energy efficient, which also lowers your costs. You have control and a full overview at all times, with reports, support and real-time performance statistics via our Cloud Portal, whenever you need it.

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