The stability and reliability of one of the industry’s leading backup solutions

With Spectrum Protect from IBM, formerly TSM-Tivoli Storage Manager, you get a proven backup solution that has been named one of the market leaders by Gartner for many years in a row.

1. Comprehensive security

Spectrum Protect encrypts all backup data and all data transfers between clients and the backup server. You’ll easily detect attacks from ransomware, and get support for approving certain operations in two steps, such as deleting backup data.

2. A recovery plan

Our backup solution has thorough support for Disaster Recovery. We do regular health checks of your backup environment to ensure the right level of disaster prevention. In some cases, we’ll also perform a failover test to verify that the solution works even if your data center should become unresponsive.

3. Great flexibility

Spectrum Protect is available for several different server and storage platforms, such as tape, disk and VTL (virtual tape library). A local backup environment is simplest, with a built-in ability to replicate to different cloud services.

4. Easy restore and increased redundancy

You get a backup server and disk on site with you, and can save up to 100TB of data locally for as long as you want (30 to 60 days or longer). This means that you can quickly do a restore when necessary.

If the requirements for geographical redundancy increase, the backup can be replicated to LOAD’s data center so that the data is in geographically separated redundant data centers. Data in excess of 100TB, or data that is saved longer, is stored with us at LOAD and mirrored in two places. At LOAD, you get an ISO270001-certified solution with audited and documented data security.

5. Both data and price compressed by x 7

We can give you access to the latest deduplication and compression technology. This reduces the amount of data, thereby also reducing what you pay for. The average degree of deduplication is 7 times, which lowers both the storage space for your data and the price you pay to store it by 7 times.

6. Constant access to the right competence

As LOAD’s backup customer, you have constant access to our consultants, many of whom have more than 30 years of experience with Spectrum Protect. We implement and work with operations at a large number of customers on a daily basis and are always ready to help you.

Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

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