A robust megaserver. Classical or built for the cloud.

Mainframe gives you 50 years of security and performance. Save time and money by consolidating hundreds of x86 servers into a single LinuxONE. Are you ready for the hybrid cloud?

LOAD is IBM’s only business partner for Mainframe, also called System Z, in Sweden. This extremely robust platform has delivered security and performance to companies all over the world for over 50 years. We continuously help a large number of Swedish Mainframe customers with services and advice. 

LinuxONE – robust megaserver for hypermodern requirements

In the LinuxONE server, IBM combines decades of technological stability and resilience with an ability to handle increasing demands on speed and security in open source and cloud environments.

With rapid digitization, the demands on availability, performance and security are constantly increasing. If the infrastructure falls, business stops. If you have zero downtime tolerance for critical systems, LinuxONE is your state-of-the-art, sustainable choice of server platform.

Massive consolidation

If you are already a Linux user or running Oracle’s platforms, you can reduce the number of physical x86 servers and consolidate hundreds into one server. And the average savings for Oracle licenses is 10: 1. In other words, you’ll only need to pay roughly 10% of your current license fee.

Save costs and labor

Say good-bye to patching and repairing and adding more and more small servers. It’s an enormous savings in hardware. You’ll save space in your data center or rental costs. In addition, it reduces your power consumption, and you won’t have to do the manual work of handling and maintaining a large number of smaller machines.

Scalable performance

With LinuxONE, you’ll improve the scalability and usability of your hardware. Upgrading or adding resources is easy when the processors are already in place in the machine. You can scale up or down as needed and avoid handling a large number of smaller servers with network ports, switches and cables as the requirements increase.

World-class security

Data security has never been higher on the agenda for IT managers. Intrusion attempts and targeted hacker attacks are becoming commonplace.

LinuxONE is the world’s most secure Linux server. All data that passes through the server can be encrypted with Secure Service Container: data that’s stored in the memory, in the network and data written to the disk, both in-flight and at-rest. Applications that run in Secure Service Container are protected against threats from both outside and inside. The built-in encryption function is included at no extra cost.

Ready for hybrid clouds

LinuxONE supports open APIs and Red Hat’s OpenShift. This means you can create hybrid environments that include both on-premise hardware and public or private clouds. With dedicated I/O processors, LinuxONE also takes care of one of the most bandwidth-intensive processes and is therefore excellent for off-loading your cloud solution.

With LinuxONE, you get

  • 92% better response time than x86 servers
  • The stability and reliability of IBM technology: built for 99.9999% availability
  • The speed and scalability of a server built for hybrid clouds
  • Support for market-leading Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Suse & Ubuntu
  • Support for open-source tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift
  • Reduced costs for space, energy, licenses and manual work

Free feasibility study

LOAD is IBM’s only business partner for LinuxONE in Sweden. In order for you to make an informed decision, we would be happy to perform a free feasibility study. Based on your organization’s current situation and needs, we’ll outline how consolidation should best be carried out. The feasibility study will give you a clear idea of ​​how much savings your business can make from:

  • Data center space
  • Power consumption
  • Cooling needs
  • Licensing costs
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Achieved consolidation effect
  • ROI / TCO calculation

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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