Both forward-looking and secure

Do you need an IT infrastructure that you can trust no matter what happens? Then you’re probably already acquainted with IBM’s Power server platform, a favorite among those who run business systems like SAP Hana, Infor Movex / M3 and IFS, and more.

Extreme capacity

As the name suggests, the Power Systems platform is a powerful, secure and smart cornerstone in many IT environments. In its more than 30 years on the market, Power has become known for being extremely robust with extreme capacity, unbeatable availability and very high uptime.

Smart scalability

You can expand and scale your Power usage for a long time to come by building partitions and easily upgrading existing hardware. Three operating systems can run in the machine, even simultaneously: IBMi, AIX and Linux.

High availability

Many industries such as banking, finance and insurance cannot accept any downtime at all, and also have very strict rules to follow. In such cases, the stable and powerful Power Systems platform with 99.999% availability is a perfect fit.

Continuous improvement

In addition, Power is under continuous development. The server platform is available with customizations for AI and is especially good at running programs for analyzing big data.

  • Power IBMi – fits business systems such as SAP, Movex / Infor M3, Bison, and IFS
  • Power AIX – scalable and robust, based on open standards.
  • Power Linux – open, scalable, and can process massive amounts of data
  • Power AI – pre-packaged framework for AI
  • Power SAP HANA – optimized processor usage, over 99.999% availability

Several of our consultants have been working with the Power Systems platform for more than 30 years. Our cutting-edge expertise in Power is at your disposal, 24/7. Feel free to reach out and we’ll tell you more!

Did you know that we offer Power as a cloud service as well? Read more here.

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