High efficiency and reliable storage with a platform built on the latest technology.

How sensitive is your most business-critical information? How big would the damage be if it were breached from outside or inside your organization?

LOAD’s Storage offering is based on IBM’s highly proven storage platform. It’s perfect for those who have very high demands on robust and secure storage for business systems and other critical applications.

Save space – expand when needed

We optimize storage so that it is as effective as possible for your particular organization, taking into account factors such as access patterns and file type. The platform can of course be expanded if necessary. Through smart technology such as snapshots and compression, you’ll save on unnecessary storage space.

Built-in performance optimization

Our storage solution is designed for very high performance. To further optimize performance, there are a number of streamlining functions, like the ability to move data that is often used by an application to a faster form of storage, such as a Flash disk. This happens automatically and transparently.

High security and availability

Our Storage platforms have high availability, security and stability. You can also choose additional security enhancement technologies such as encryption and protection against malware.

Disaster prevention is also high on our customers’ list of requirements, and we often combine our basic Storage offering with disk replication, for example, for a complete solution.

Our cutting-edge expertise is yours

Several of our consultants have more than 30 years of experience in Storage. Our cutting-edge expertise is yours around the clock – if you want it.

Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

Did you know that we also offer Storage as a cloud service? Read more here.

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