Falling behind in the price war with competitors can damage your profitability. But it is not so easy to get the full picture. That’s why we have a system that continuously matches your products with your competitors’.

Automatic matching

With the help of Competitive Pricing, you can quickly collect price points from several million warehousing units (SKUs) from your competitors’ websites in a structured way. The information is automatically matched to your own product range, so that you can completely automate your own pricing and get the right information for making strategic decisions. Keep track of competitors’ prices and take the fight when it’s profitable for you to do so.

Common challenges

  • Price competition requires daily monitoring so that retailers – both online and in physical stores – can keep up and win customers.
  • The amount of price data is both enormous and difficult to capture.
  • Many lack the information they need to analyze competitors’ pricing strategies.
  • It is difficult to see in which segments and price ranges the best opportunities are available.

How Competitive Pricing can help

  • Match your internal product data against thousands of competitors’ price points.
  • Produce relevant data quickly and in a structured way with high reliability.
  • Get decision support to help you gain ground within the right price range and segment.
  • Get a head start on local and global trends.
  • Shorten the time-to-market for new product lines and correct pricing.

Stop getting lost in the price war. Do your analysis with the latest technology instead, and get full control of your competitors’ prices. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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