Today, smart technology can help you systematize your sales efforts. With the right support, you can both work strategically with fact-based input, and provide the leeway to adjust to rapidly changing conditions.

3 keys to succeed with sales

  1. Systematize your efforts
  2. Keep track of external factors, competitors and local differences
  3. Have the leeway to dynamically adjust sales

If your sales plans are made too far in advance, it becomes impossible to continuously adjust the pricing for local differences in demand, and vendors often miss both the time window and the best possible margin. This means that you lose depth in sales, along with both revenue and margins.

One system for the whole process

An analysis platform that covers the entire sales chain from A to Z allows you to:

  • Systematize sales efforts
  • Quickly find the right time window
  • Secure the right price position and level in the price ladder
  • Understand where demand is highest
  • Optimize results and profitability

Based on IBM’s Watson

Markdown is a cloud-based web solution based on IBM’s well-known Watson intelligence system. Ongoing reports give you an overview and control at the touch of a button. At the same time, it will be possible to work in a structured, yet much more detailed and dynamic way.

Are you looking for a robust and smart system that allows you to work dynamically with sales? Get in touch and I’ll tell you more.

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