Coordinate pricing across all your channels

Tired of the constant struggle to match competitors’ prices? Fretting over lost margins? The cloud service Perfect Pricing optimizes your prices to win new customers and increase profitability.

Forget the spreadsheets and automate the time-consuming work of pricing all products in all sizes in all channels. Be just as agile as your customers. Perfect Pricing optimizes your prices in real time based on a number of pre-set rules with mutual priorities.

Perfect Pricing: here’s what you get

  • Faster response to competitors’ price changes
  • Higher efficiency with automation
  • Increased precision and more cohesive pricing

As soon as you have this solution in place, Perfect Pricing will also collect new data that is used to constantly improve pricing, without the need for any manual effort.

1. Set prices in real time

The ability to set new prices in real time, where competitors’ prices and stock balances are taken into account, is a very powerful tool in the fight for customers. Large players such as Amazon change their prices several times a day, and even for smaller merchants, it is becoming increasingly important to perform flexible and dynamic pricing.

2. Free up time for strategic work

Cutting and pasting in Excel and sending emails back and forth takes a lot of unnecessary time from your employees’ workday. When you relieve the organization of unnecessary manual work, meetings with suppliers become more efficient and the evaluation of campaigns and pricing strategies becomes simpler and more precise.

3. Predict how price changes will affect profitability

The dream of being able to see into the future has come true. With Perfect Pricing, you can see what effects different pricing scenarios have on sales and profitability and how they affect inventories. You get a solid analytical foundation to stand on in order to make the big decisions.

4. Optimize sales and campaigns

The lifespan of goods is getting ever-shorter and customers are constantly demanding new and exciting products from your store. Staying on your toes and always being ready to present the latest items requires that older goods be reduced in price to make room for new ones. Perfect Pricing automatically suggests when and by how much an item should be discounted in order to empty the shelves at minimal cost.

5. Compete with pricing as a tool

Proper pricing has a 3-4 times greater effect on profitability than other measures. But, of course, you do not want to negotiate away your margins and profitability in the pursuit of winning the price war.

Perfect Pricing helps you to follow your set pricing strategy or, if necessary, adjust your pricing strategy. The system’s algorithms take into account the factors that are important for your brands as well as others, such as customer price sensitivity and differentiating Key Value Items that drive the size of shopping baskets.

Perfect Pricing is a cloud-based solution that is easy to implement. Do you think this sounds interesting? Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

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