The right offer in the right place at the right time increases profitability

Campaigns are one of the most complex processes in commerce. Every week, retailers launch hundreds of campaigns simultaneously, often with major local tweaks to provide customers with the most relevant offers possible. This reality has affected many systems and made them obsolete. And a large part of the challenge is the ability to handle enormous amounts of information.

Plan and adapt

Promotion is a cloud-based, flexible environment where merchants can plan, execute, measure and manage all the details of their campaigns in one system. Which items and units are affected, which dates and locations, including distribution and payments to resellers.

With Promotion, you can handle everything from simpler discount offers to package prices and more complex offers. Local adaptations can be made down to the store level and controlled by factors such as local costs, demand and proximity to competitors.

Collaborate smarter

Today, many merchants have to publish a variety of versions of the same campaign in an ever-increasing number of channels. In addition, a number of professional roles such as analysts, marketers, traders and ad creators work together as a team.

Promotion simplifies that collaboration, with version control and publishing in all channels. You’ll get your offers for newspapers, digital media, billboards and store signs in a more cohesive way. It minimizes errors and keeps the messaging consistent throughout each campaign.

Optimize the results

You can also predict campaign results and gain insights that will help you make a bigger impact. Promotion makes it possible to monitor and measure continuously, even in overlapping campaigns. It becomes easier to find the right combinations of price and communication, avoid cannibalization and keep both your customers and your own margin.

5 reasons to use Promotion

  • Predict which campaign will be the most profitable.
  • Bring your campaigns to market faster.
  • Automate version control and publishing in all channels.
  • Plan, execute and optimize all campaigns in one system.
  • Work centrally with room for local adaptation.

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